Finding Balance In Our Busy Lives Can Help Dental Health

Tips for Finding a Balanced Life In our busy lives, finding balance can seem like a major obstacle, but it is something we should strive for in order to live a healthy dental, and overall life.  A balanced life is the ultimate goal; it is what you have when one aspect of your life isn’t […]

Franktown Dentist Cary Lacouture Balance In Life

Cambodia Recap: A World of Wonder

 Dear photography lovers, dental patients, dental team, and friends, Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you for holding down the fort to allow me to travel thousands of miles to bring smiles to children in Cambodia!  Without your support, this would not have been possible!  A huge thank you to the teams at Burning […]

Top 5 Foods to Buy Organic

With costs of producing natural foods rising, it is not surprising that food companies are cutting corners on regulations in order to cut their costs of production. In return, the price of organic foods is increasing as the costs to keep production natural is rising. After reading about what chemicals are on some foods, you’ll […]